Cervical FISH

AP2 was one of the first labs to offer Cervical DNA Dtex Test, a specialized molecular test to be used in conjunction with a Pap and HPV testing to help OBGYN physicians better treat their patients.

This state-of-the-art test uses fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) technology to identify the irreversible DNA damage to cervical cells as defined by multiple copies of 3q26 and 5p15. Used in conjunction with Pap and HPV testing, the Cervical DNA Dtex Test can assist physicians in identifying which LSIL and HPV+ patients may be at risk of progressing to severe dysplasia.

You can learn more about the Cervical DNA Dtex Test from its developer, NeoDiagnostix, Inc. To learn how to schedule testing with AP2 please contact one of laboratories: ECP (North Carolina) at (561) 284.9195, PBP (Florida) at (561) 284.9195, or UniPath (Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Norh Dakota) at (303) 514.3402.

All statistics regarding the Cervical DNA Dtex Test are provided by NeoDiagnostix, Inc.

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