AP2 offers a specialized nephropathology program that provides a turnkey service for renal specimens, including specialized specimen kits, expert preparation, light microscopy and immunofluoresence services as well as electron microscopy (EM) performed in a state-of-the-art ultrastructural laboratory. We also provide professional interpretation by our expert pathologists with years of experience in renal pathology.

Expertise in Nephropathology
  • Highly qualified and experienced pathologist focused in Nephropathology
  • Consultative review of all unusual and complex cases
  • Utilization of new and innovative technologies designed to increase diagnostic accuracy and TATs

Superior Service
  • Rapid turn-around-time; 24 hours for light and immunoflourescent; 48 hours for EM
  • Pathologist readily available for physician-to-physician consultations
  • Comprehensive managed care coverage
  • Convenience of specialized requisitions, patient educational materials, and rapid response to inquiries
  • Local and professional courier staff to ensure specimen integrity and safety

Innovative Technologies & Reporting
  • Industry-leading EMR software and Interface programs
  • Web ordering and reporting
  • Proprietary connectivity and reporting IT tools

Advanced Testing
  • Immunohistochemistry and Immunoperoxidase staining on formalin fixed tissue
  • Ultrastructural studies in collaboration with The Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado
  • Superior pathology reports

Superior Pathology Reports
  • Color photomicrographs depicting the diagnostic abnormalities
  • Electronic reports provide a convenient way to track and view patient cases online

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